Friday Night Leftovers- Weird Dream Edition

  • I had a dream last night that I was in a large waterfront city, having dinner, and then trying to escape a hurricane.  (Yeah, no idea where that came from.)  We knew the hurricane was close because a coordinated flock of seagulls, led by a flying Olivia pig in a red dress, started flying around in formation, hurling large buckets of water.
  • Elizabeth just dumped two cups of water on the floor.  I had to stop writing to clean it up.
  • I am letting Elizabeth watch our wedding video right now and her little mind is blown.  Mama and Dada on television?  Whoa.
  • Someone tell me why I, if I intend to throw away the dog bed, I decided to wash it first?
  • We’ve had almost nothing to do this week and Elizabeth and I are very bored.
  • I’ve had stuff listed on Craigslist for ages and only one thing has sold.  It is so not worth my effort.
  • Elizabeth is riding her tricycle (she calls it a motorcycle) around the house right now.
  • Now she is next to me, whining that she needs some hot chocolate.  (Sorry kid, no.)
  • I am so ready for summer to be over.
  • I bought a dress pattern this weekend to make Elizabeth a Tinkerbell dress.

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