Spilled Milk

Last night, we were eating dinner and watching a movie together.  Elizabeth decided things were getting a little too dull, so she used my shoe (which was not on my foot) to knock over my glass of milk.  It was a full glass of milk and it went everywhere.

Anyway, this morning, I came downstairs and the whole downstairs smelled like old milk.  We’d cleaned up the spill right away, but apparently not well enough.  So I went back upstairs and got the carpet steamer and got to work.  I pulled all the furniture out of the living room and went around and spot treated all the spots.   Then I ran the carpet cleaner all over the rug twice and then did it once more with just water.  (In the meantime, I traced the smell to the washing machine, where I threw the towels that we used to clean up the milk, but didn’t start it, so it wasn’t the carpet the smelled anyway, but since I had already moved the furniture, I kept going.)

Then I figured I might as well keep going while the carpet steamer was out, so I pulled all the furniture out of the dining room and the playroom.  I did the same thrice cleaning to both those rooms.  Then, since I’d moved all the furniture anyway, I cleaned all the furniture with soap and water.  (And was surprised how many drips and spots there were when I really looked.)  Then I put all the furniture back and cleaned the carpet steamer.

And all that from one glass of milk.