Three Stories

Tonight, as Elizabeth was going to bed, I told her that we could only read two stories tonight.  The rule used to be one story, but then she got hooked on Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Panda Bear, Panda Bear so we usually read both of them.  They were both short enough that I didn’t mind.

But then, in an effort to put some variation into my nightly reading routine, I introduced Polar Bear, Polar Bear and Baby Bear, Baby Bear.  You can see where this is going.  Now we had to read all four every night.

So for the last two nights, I’ve put my foot down.  Two stories.  Period.

She chose a new Eric Carle book, Opposites, off the shelf and we read that.  (With multiple warnings that there would be only two stories tonight.)  Then she pulled Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Panda Bear, Panda Bear off the shelf and I could see the panic in her eyes.  Only one story left!  Which one should she choose?

Obviously, she attempted to change my mind.  Let’s read BOTH, Mama!  Really, it will be fun.  But this sort of thing is a slippery slope and I said two stories and I meant two stories.  So I held firm.

She studied both books, one in each hand.  She handed me Panda Bear, Panda Bear and sat down on the floor with Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  She solved the problem by reading Brown Bear to herself and then having me read Panda Bear.

Clever.  And adorable.