The Reason I Post Every Day

Because if I didn’t post tonight, I wouldn’t post tomorrow. And then I wouldn’t post for the rest of the week, while we have company here. And then, since I hadn’t posted in more than a week, I would feel like it had to be something really good to make it worthwhile to start posting again.

And the next thing you know, I’d disappear from the internet.

Since you listened to that, here’s a picture of a cute baby who was in need of a very large reward.  And yes, she did eat them both at once.

(Lest you think that she then exploded from that much sugar, she shared the popsicle with her daddy and I set aside nearly all of the lollipop for “tomorrow” at which point she forgot it existed and I threw it away.  But don’t tell her that I threw it away.  She’d be mad.)