Picture Saturday

Well, my camera is STILL in the shop (and might not be back in time for my vacation, they had to order parts, ACK) but my mom has a camera in her iPad (how is it fair that my mom has an iPad and I do not?) so here are some pictures of the stuff we’ve done lately.  Though not the Tinkerbell dress yet.

The freshly recovered chairs.  When we took the chair seats off to recover them, we found the sticker from the decorator who recovered them the last time.  You know, with her information and the fabric information, in case you needed to get some more later.

And we found the date of the last time the chairs were recovered.  October 1st, 1984.  Yikes.

So the chairs look a lot better.  Matt said it looked like a whole new dining room set.

And here is a picture of me making breakfast.  I mean, here is a picture of my freshly home keratin treatmented hair.  I’m going to try and go get it cut next week too.