Flood in the Walls

Since we moved in to our house, we’ve had a non-functional faucet on the back porch.  This is kind of a pain in the neck because it is the faucet where you would fill up things like the dogs’ water bowls and fill the baby pool and water the plants.

Anyway, for some reason, the subject came up while I was at our neighbor’s house and I mentioned that our faucet had never worked.  She asked me if we had a valve under the kitchen sink because they did and it ran that faucet.  I said, no, we didn’t have a valve under the sink.

Fast forward to today, when I discovered a valve underneath the upstairs bathroom sink.  Hmm, I thought, perhaps this is the valve.  It would be convenient to be able to have water in the backyard.  The valve was turned off, so I turned it on, heard water rush into that pipe, and went downstairs to see if the faucet was now working.

I walked outside and saw…water rushing out of the side of the house.  Not out of the faucet (which was now working, however), but out of the siding.  I simply stared for a second, trying to comprehend this.  (Plus it is raining really hard, so it was kind of hard to see the difference between the two waters.)  Then I rushed upstairs and turned that valve off.

Then I came downstairs to find…water.  Soaking the tile floor and the carpeting, all on the side of the house where the faucet is located outside.  Great.

I’ve been using my wet vacuum to suck up all the water from the carpet.  And I’ve had to empty it five times so far.  (For comparison, it fills up to about 1/3 capacity when I steam clean the entire downstairs.)  Gallons of water.

I see a plumber in our future.

(You don’t need to tell me about the possibility of mold inside the walls, I already know.)