Snack Overload

Well, I blame the internet.  When I asked about good snacks for toddlers and kids to take on vacation, I got such a good list.  So I went out and bought them.  Pretty much all of them.  Oops.  I did it in four or five different shopping trips and I didn’t so much realize just how many I was compiling.

Forgive the bad picture.  My camera isn’t back yet.  And might not be in time for our trip.  YIKES.  This was my webcam, which meant that I had to take it in front of my computer.

Not pictured: Refrigerated snacks.  (Which luckily, I didn’t go quite as overboard on.  Apple slices and carrot sticks.)

Bonus pictured: Small toddler head in the sink in the background of the picture.  She helped me package all the snacks (we took them out of their packaging and put them all in single serve bags), mostly by eating them, and then decided she needed to get into the sink.  Also, her help?  It mostly occurred with her lying on her stomach on my kitchen counter.  I don’t know when that started to be allowed.

Wait, what is this picture?  Oh, just the snacks that didn’t fit into the first picture.

I don’t think there is any way that we can possibly eat all these on the trip, but I am taking Matt, so there is a chance.  (Three pounds of nuts.  Peanuts and sunflower seeds.  Am I crazy?  Wait, don’t answer that.)

I may have a problem.