Loose Ends

Okay, wrapping up some loose ends.

Firstly, I got my hair cut.  I went to the cheap walk-in place around the corner, convinced that it was a stupid idea (my last two hair cuts at cheap places were Awful), but it worked out fine.   I think.  Sometimes you have to live with a hair cut for a few days to really know though.  But I am currently pleased.

That’s not the greatest picture though.

Secondly, the home keratin treatment that my mom and I did to my hair.  No.  It didn’t work.  It probably made my hair a little nicer, but so not worth it.  The professional treatment cost something like $130-$150 (I’ve forgotten) and I didn’t have to flat iron my hair for three months and I could just let it dry as it wanted.  It was amazing.  With this home treatment (it cost $50), I had to flat iron it the first time I washed it and it still doesn’t look that great.  I would rather spring for the more expensive treatment that worked or just not do anything.  This one was a waste of money because it didn’t provide any kind of results.  In fact, I think my hair might be more frizzy than it was before the treatment.  (But that probably has more to do with the fact that I had to break my baking soda and vinegar hair washing system to do this and use the shampoo and conditioner that came with the set.  I don’t think this could have actually made my hair frizzy.)

Thirdly, the flood in the living room.  I contacted my father, who has been to my house and crawled around looking at all the infrastructure.  (And he used to build houses in high school, as his summer job, so he knows these types of things.)  He knew exactly what pipe and what wall and what faucet I was talking about on the phone.  He declared that since there was a valve, we could take our time getting it fixed and not worry about it days before we leave for our vacation.  All I have to do is turn the valve off.  (Duh.  Which I did as soon as I saw that the wall was leaking water.)  And since it was a one time leak, not a continuous leak, he claims that we are not at risk for mold.  He says that the pipe probably doesn’t have enough insulation around it and since it is on the north side of the house, it probably froze at some point in the past and cracked.

And as a positive, after I wet vacuumed five tanks of water out of our carpet, all the stains were gone from that section of carpeting.  (The people who lived here before us absolutely ruined all of the carpeting.) So maybe I should flood the rest of the downstairs in an attempt to get the carpets clean.

Fourthly, my camera is still in the shop.  STILL.  It was supposedly mailed back to the store yesterday, from the repair center, but I doubt that it will return in time for the trip (it will probably get there on Saturday, you know, the day AFTER we leave).  Matt has generously decided to buy me a cheap point and shoot, which I’ve kind of wanted anyway to keep in the car and the diaper bag, and I can use that on the trip.

Fifthly.  (Yes, we are up to fifthly.)  Elizabeth was up for more than an hour last night in the middle of the night.  (And I was up for pretty much the rest of the night.  Stupid sleep.)  I don’t know what is bothering her lately, but something obviously is.  My good (enough) sleeping baby is gone and she’s not been doing well lately.  I am repeating to myself “it’s just a phase, it’s just a phase.”  Plus, it is still WAY better than it was when it was bad.