Friday Night Leftovers- Pre Trip Edition

  • Packing, packing, packing!  Well, actually, right now I am obviously sitting at the computer, not packing, but I need to be packing the car.
  • We need to leave the house in three hours.
  • I mentioned having a bunch of stuff to donate to a friend the other day, if an organization she works with wanted it.  She emailed me last night and offered to pick it up this morning before we left for our trip.  I said sure, and did they want to play for a little bit first?  She said sure, and did we want her to bring some doughnuts for breakfast?  I said absolutely.  So she brought us doughnuts and I gave her our gallon of milk that is going to expire before we get home.
  • She also brought a pack of M&Ms, two things of tic tacs, and a new sticker book for Elizabeth for our trip.  I like these kinds of friends.
  • Elizabeth and I just took the dogs to the kennel to be boarded while we take our trip.  When they dragged took the dogs away one at a time, Dibits said “where is my Trinny going?”  And then “where did my little dog go?”  (She kissed the little dog goodbye first too, that was so cute.)
  • The whole way home, Elizabeth said “but where are my doggies?”
  • When we got home and pulled into the garage, Elizabeth cried because she thought we were going to Disney World right that minute.

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