Disney Toddler Travel Tips

  • When you tell your toddler that you are going to Disney today, make sure you remember to mention the long car ride and that you aren’t actually going to the theme parks until the next day.
  • Also, mention the stops along the way, so that the toddler doesn’t get out of the car at Burger King in the middle of nowhere and ask “is dis Disney World?”
  • Lots and lots of prep for the fact that you are sleeping in a different crib and that it will be smaller than your crib at home.  (We actually did do this one, unlike the first two and it worked really well last night.)

Other noteworthy things that have happened:

  • Elizabeth actually asked to skip her bedtime song last night and go straight to bed.  This has never happened before.  To be fair, it was four hours past her normal bedtime.
  • She slept until 6:58am this morning, so she’s running on a four hour sleep deficit at the moment.  (And that is with her new normal of waking up before seven.  She used to sleep until 7:45 am.)  We are going to keep track on this trip.
  • We saw the stage show Voyage of the Little Mermaid this morning at Disney.  Elizabeth thinks it was the real Little Mermaid.  She was absolutely astounded.  Mouth open the entire trip.
  • I forgot to take my new camera to the parks this morning.  I will take it this afternoon.  (We are on a break.  One of the benefits of staying with relatives that live 15 minutes from the parks.  Also, free lunch.)
  • The snacks are going well.  Except for the yogurt drops.  I bought the generic brand and separated them into small bags.  She ate the first drop and spit it out across the car and cried and screamed until I wiped off her tongue.  So apparently they don’t taste the same…?