Two Days Worth of Pictures


On Saturday, we went to The Garden Grill at the Land at Epcot for dinner.  SO good.  Matt and I love eating there.  We had trouble getting reservations (that is what happens until you wait until just a few weeks ahead of time to make reservations for places that are only open a few hours a day and are really popular), so we took the only time available- 4:00pm.  Early for dinner, but whatever.  They open at 4:00pm, so we were among the first to get there.

Actually, we were the very first, and the first family to be seated gets a special picture with all the characters in a group.  (It’s a character dining experience.)  Did we mention that Elizabeth is scared of these giant characters that don’t have human faces?

So she was sobbing in the picture.  But as a plus, she stayed in her seat for all of dinner because she was afraid the characters would touch her if she got out.

Exhibit A: Child in seat.

Just because it was that good, here are pictures of the food from that dinner.

First, the salad.  Made fresh with a lot of thing grown right there.  Dibits tried to feed me from the salad tongs at one point and then later dropped them on the floor.

The main course was mahi mahi, beef, and turkey.  Matt loved the beef and mahi mahi, and I loved the turkey, so it worked out well.  (It’s all you can eat, family style, so you get as much of anything you’d like.  This was just our first plate.)

This was Elizabeth’s kid’s meal.  We don’t ordinarily buy her a meal for herself at the moment, she usually eats off whatever we are having, since she’s still two, but that is cheating when it is per person and all you can eat.  So she had chicken, mac and cheese (so good), and sweet potato fries.  (Broccoli is pictured as well, but Dibits shuns broccoli at the moment.)

Here is Elizabeth’s dessert.  It’s cookies and cream Mickey mousse.  Matt decided to have one of these instead of the official “adult” dessert.

I think they are both crazy.  This dessert is fruit crisp, made from (I believe) peaches and raspberries.  Yum.  That scoop of something on top that looks like ice cream was more like some kind of vanilla bean creme.  (In other words, not frozen.)

And look.  Lots of pictures of me with the characters and not Elizabeth because she would say “I’m a yittle scared” when they would come by.  She was okay as long as they didn’t try to touch her.  (And since Disney is awesome, obviously the characters totally backed off when they saw she was scared.)



Here’s a cute Matt and Dibits at dinner picture.

Elizabeth took this picture herself.  It’s not bad, apart from being crooked.  (Most of the pictures that Dibits takes are not so good.  I have several of the underside of the table.)

Here’s Matt and Elizabeth outside of the Nemo ride, which Elizabeth liked very much.  I have an almost identical version of this picture from a year and a half ago.

And today, we went to Universal with some friends that we used to live near.  Elizabeth had a fantastic time.  She loved Seussland and we did the rides over and over again for her.  (This week is a great week to come to Florida, it’s pretty empty.)  Her favorite ride was One Fish, Two Fish (it’s like Dumbo, but with fish and you get squirted with water) and we did it five times.  Five.

Do you know what is nice about this little point and shoot camera we bought?  It fits in things like pockets and bags easily.  Do you know what is not nice about this little point and shoot camera we bought?  It fits in things like pockets and bags easily.  And I forget it is there and I don’t take pictures.  My regular camera is always on my mind because I have to pretty much carry it all day. So I don’t have nearly as many pictures as I’d like.  I will try to do better next time.