A Tiny Princess

The main event of today was a Princess Storybook Lunch at Epcot.  (In Norway, if you are interested.)  Elizabeth was…well, I don’t know if there is a word for what Elizabeth was.

When you go in, they take your picture with one of the princesses.  (Princess may vary.)  We met Belle.  And for the first time ever, Elizabeth went to, spoke to, and touched a character/stranger immediately. (Also, the photo package was included with the price of the meal, we got a large picture- an 8X10?, and four 4X6s.)

Elizabeth doesn’t look particularly happy in this picture, she was, but I think her expression is more of an OH MY GOODNESS CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?

And my new camera stinks.  Okay, probably my usage of it stinks, but this blurry picture of Elizabeth and Aurora was the best one I got.  Elizabeth talked to her, showed her the little plastic princesses that she was playing with, and hugged her.

As Elizabeth was dressed as Cinderella, everyone assumed that Elizabeth’s favorite princess was Cinderella.  Technically, Elizabeth was dressed as Cinderella because we own a Cinderella costume.  (Shout out to Saag and Naan for the Cinderella costume!)  But Elizabeth is a big fan of Cinderella.  So when Aurora moved on to the next table, she told Elizabeth that her friend Cinderella was right behind her.  Elizabeth was vibrating from excitement.

(Also, good story.  Aurora asked Elizabeth what her name was.  Elizabeth looked down at her dress and said “Cinderella!”)

Then Cinderella came out.  Elizabeth moved from happy to LEVEL FOUR HAPPINESS STAGE EIGHT.

Then Ariel came out.  Elizabeth has watched the Little Mermaid movie…oh, forty five times in the last week.  Elizabeth moved from stage eight happiness to “I will abandon my Mama and Dada and live with you forever, where do I get my mermaid tail?”

Not pictured:  Elizabeth with Mary Poppins.  The reason behind this is because Mary Poppins came out and Elizabeth said “who the heck are you?  You are not a princess and I have never seen your movie.  What in the world is going on?  Who allowed you to attend this princess lunch?”  That was all in Elizabeth’s head, of course.  Out loud, Elizabeth said “no.”

Lunch was delicious and a tremendous amount of food and had a delicious dessert that made me wish I had skipped lunch.  I ordered some kind of Norwegian meatballs.  Matt had a roasted chicken breast thing.  I ordered the children’s salmon for Elizabeth and the waitress looked at Elizabeth, looked back at me, and said “the salmon?  Really?  We only keep that on the children’s menu to seem fancy.  No one ever orders it for their children.”  Okay, actually she said “what?”  But I could tell that is what she meant.  Elizabeth did eat a rather good portion of her salmon.  (Or, as the Jen marketing department refers to it, “pink fish.”)  Or as much salmon as a vibrating from excitement toddler can eat when there are PRINCESSES IN THE BUILDING.

Right before we left, they had all the children get out of their chairs and held a tiny parade around the room.  Luckily.  Because Elizabeth had been trying to fling herself out of her chair and saying things like “I just want Ariel to come back and meet me again!  I just want Ariel!  PLEASE!  ARIEL!”  And Ariel was the closest princess to us and following Ariel through the room was good enough.  They played music and all the princesses (and Mary Poppins, who- correct me if I am wrong- is a nanny, not a princess) carried flowers and walked elegantly.

And Elizabeth cried when we left lunch because she just wanted to see Ariel and hold some flowers.