Home from Disney

We came home a day early because Matt has a cold.  So we left this morning at about 9:30am and just got home.  Elizabeth cried for the last ten minutes of the ride.  Normal for an eight hour car ride, right?  But she wasn’t crying because of the length of the car ride.  She was crying because she recognized the scenery out the window and she didn’t want to go home.  She wanted to go back to Disney World.

She sobbed when we pulled into the garage and cried for another ten minutes.  She finally listened to us when we offered her a snack and then she started to look around our house.  Hmm, she was thinking, these are my toys!  And then she’s been playing non-stop since then, happy to be home.

But I bet she’d still get back in the car happily for another eight hour ride to Disney World.