The Return of the Hounds

We put the dogs in a boarding kennel at our vet’s office while we were on vacation.  We thought we were coming back on Saturday too late to pick them up, so they were officially boarded until tonight at 5:00pm.  (On the weekend, they aren’t open.  You can pick your dog up at 9:00am or 5:00pm if you make previous arrangements, which I did.)  (I also had them groomed this morning and I was so not going to pick up smelly kennel dogs before the grooming that I had pre-paid for.)  So we’ve been without dogs for the day and a half that we’ve been home.

I picked them up today, at the prearranged 5:00pm.  I got there at 4:57pm and sat on the bench outside.  At exactly five, someone came out and asked if I were picking up two dogs.  I said yes and held up their leashes.  He took me around into the kennels where a lot of dogs barked at me to say hello.

Trin and the little dog were delighted that I had finally come to rescue them.  KennelMan (I do not at all know his real name, so this will have to do) let them out and we started getting them all leashed up for the trip to the car.  I put the leash on the little dog, as he is a wimp and likes me better than strangers, and KennelMan put on Trin’s leash.  He patted her affectionately and said that he was going to miss her because she was a real sweetheart.  I agreed and then pointed at the little dog and said “he is a bit of a wimp.”  KennelMan kind of agreed without agreeing (to be polite) and then gave up and said “yes, he was a bit of a handful.” KennelMan then told me that when he saw Trin, he thought she was going to be the meanest dog (Trin has kind of an interesting face and a giant underbite, so her teeth stick out and she always looks like she is growling), but she turned out to be one of their favorite dogs.

When I got the dogs home, Elizabeth was coming down the stairs with Matt after taking her evening bath.  She got this huge grin on her face and started shouting “my doggies, my doggies!”  Then she followed them around, harassing loving on them all night.  She kept saying things like “I missed you, black Weenie” (Weenie is from Eloise and when Elizabeth pretends to be Eloise, the dogs must be black Weenie and yellow Weenie, to tell them apart as Eloise only has one dog) and “my little dog, my little dog is back!  I yuv you, little dog!”  (And she actually said “little dog” too, normally she uses his real name and I just write little dog here to keep him safe from Googleability.)

And just because I have my camera back from the shop (FINALLY), let us celebrate with a picture.  Or three.