This Year's Halloween Dilemma

Obviously, it is about time for me to start considering Halloween costumes for Elizabeth for this year.  Here are my top three contenders and then my problem with those top three contenders.

Option #1:

Lizzie from the movie Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue.

This one is the one Elizabeth keeps asking for.  She watched the movie a lot and I must have mentioned at some point that Elizabeth could be Lizzie for Halloween (I don’t think Elizabeth knows enough about Halloween yet to have come up with that on her own) and it stuck.

Pros: Would be adorable.  The yellow coat could then be Elizabeth’s winter coat this year and she’d probably always be willing to wear it because it is Lizzie’s coat.  She’d carry her fairy dolls in her pockets just like Lizzie did in the movie.

Cons: I haven’t been able to find a toddler sized yellow coat like that anywhere and I’d have to make it myself or have it made for her.

Option #2:


Elizabeth loves pretending to be Madeline and we read the book all the time.

Pros: Again, adorable.  And again, the coat could be her winter coat and she’d wear it.

Cons: Same deal with the coat, I haven’t seen a similar one in stores, though I haven’t looked as hard as I have for the Lizzy coat.

Option #3:


Elizabeth adores Eloise.  She’s always pretending to be Eloise and actually knows that Eloise starts with E (which is just a testament to her love of Eloise, as we haven’t done any kind of serious alphabet instruction) and she loves calling me Nanny and the dogs Weenie.  She walks around saying “I am Eloise.  I six.  I live in the Plaza Hotel on the tippy top floor.”  Matt likes to tease her by telling her that she lives on the bottom floor of the Holiday Inn and she always shouts “NO, the TIPPY TOP FLOOR!”

Pros: Adorable and she already owns most of the pieces of that outfit.

Cons: Might not be warm enough for Halloween.

Now, the main con of all three of these costumes, particularly Lizzie, is that we will constantly have to answer the question “and who are you supposed to be?” because they won’t be as easily recognizable as say a Cinderella costume.  I wonder if I should just cave and dress her as something commercialized to take pity on the people who don’t read children’s books.  (And have no imagination.)

What do you all think?  Opinions?