Snack Jars

One of my more recent projects was to turn some old baby food jars into snack jars. I asked my moms group for some baby food jars and then spent a day driving around town picking them up.

The first thing I did was wash all the jars really well (I got this batch from a mom with school age kids and I think she’d been storing them in her garage for a few years) and scrape off the labels. Then I used Goo Gone on the label glue until it was all off too. And then washed them all again to get all the Goo Gone off because that stuff smells bad. This step took me practically a whole afternoon and I believe I complained on Friday Night Leftovers about it.

Then I took some pretty scrapbook paper and traced around my jar lids. I cut out enough little paper circles for one for each jar lid.

I used Modge Podge glue and a paintbrush to put a good layer of glue on the lids. Then I stuck down the paper and put another layer of glue on top.

Look at them all there, aren’t they adorable?

For my next step, I cut ribbon that went around the lids and used Modge Podge to attach that.

And there you have it, adorable jars! This paper/ribbon combination is my favorite.

I put the jars in the dishwasher, but I handwash the lids. So far, I haven’t had any problems with the glue or paper or ribbon coming off, but you will want to be careful. You could also use fabric instead of scrapbook paper and that would be even more forgiving with using around water.

Later, I shall tell you why I made all these adorable jars.