Christmas Cards

*Tiny Prints is giving me 50 free cards in exchange for writing this post.  However, I totally get to decide what to write all by myself.

I mentioned earlier today that I am working on getting Christmas stuff out of the way early this year. I actually already started shopping for Christmas gifts this year. One of my next tasks on my to-do list is to get our Christmas cards started.

I am trying to decide between these cards, so help me pick. Obviously, I tend toward the ones with more than one photo. Want to know something else weird? When I was looking through all the choices, I kept thinking things like “eh, I don’t like the people on that one, I can’t order that one.” (Then I realized I would put pictures of MY family on our card. Duh.)


I’m also trying to decide whether or not to get one of these inserts to go inside our cards.

Frankly, I am leaning towards the insert because otherwise, I write in all our cards by hand. And as much as I love writing in our cards by hand, that is a lot of writing. This way, we could include some actual details about our family too, instead of just the “Have a Merry Christmas, My Hand Hurts” that I normally put into our Christmas cards.

Tiny Prints will also address and mail all the cards for us, so that I don’t even have to touch them and they will show up at all of our family and friends’ houses. I like this. I like this a lot. Automation. I like things that I can make happen with less work on my part.

It’s probably too early in the year to get Elizabeth’s Christmas pictures taken, right?