Cute Baby Saturday- Shaving Cream Edition

This cute baby says “aaahhhh!”  She likes to say that.

This cute baby told me “Mama, you take my picture and I will take your picture!”

While I make dinner, I let Elizabeth do a special activity most nights.  Sometimes she does playdough, sometimes crayons, sometimes she plays with rice or beans or pasta in her sensory table.  Well, this week I decided to let her do something I used to do with my two year old class when I taught preschool.  You take shaving cream and spread it on the table and the kids use it to fingerpaint with.  It is great fun.

Elizabeth was very unsure at the beginning.  She kept saying “this is BAD to play.”

She started to get a little more interested, but continued to verbally insist that she didn’t like it.

(Also, let me point out that in all the two year old classes I’ve done this activity with, Elizabeth is the first child to ever spread the shaving cream all over herself.  All the others left it on the table.  I am not complaining or anything, that’s fine, shaving cream wipes off, but I’ve done this activity with probably fifty other two year olds and she is the first one to smear it all over herself.  Which actually surprises me, now that I think about it.)

And then, when I was wiping her off, she put some on her mouth.  Not in her mouth, because I told her it tasted yucky, but on her mouth.  And then she talked and the shaving cream got into her mouth.  And then she coughed.  And then, since she had a cold still, she coughed some more.  And then some more.  And then some more.  And then she threw up.  And then she threw up some more.  And then two more times.  And then she looked at me and said “I have the yuckies.  I need a new dress.”