Elizabeth's Play Kitchen- All the Details

I declare it finished. For now, anyway.  I change things around a lot.

Anyway, the details.  The stove and sink sections were bought for Elizabeth’s second birthday from Blue Eyed Yonder.  I saw a link on a blog to a kitchen I liked and I followed it around and around until I found her blog and saw that she lived in the same city as me.  Which meant no shipping costs.  They even drove it right to my house and set it up for me.  Love them.

But if you want a little kitchen from Blue Eyed Yonder, you’d better get going because they won’t be making them anymore after December.  (Click here for the Etsy shop.  And they do ship, if you don’t live here like I do.  And hurry, they only have a few spots left open.)

The shelves above the kitchen are the IKEA spice racks that everyone is making into bookshelves on Pinterest.  They were out of stock at my IKEA the first three times that I went to get them.  And IKEA isn’t like close to my house or anything.  I complained enough that eventually lots of people knew I wanted them and a friend of mine called me from IKEA once and bought them for me.

I painted them with paint to match the kitchen.  I took a piece of the kitchen into one of the hardware stores and they matched it for me with computer matching.  I cannot tell the difference.  This shelf has a white board with Elizabeth’s kitchen menu written on it and a flower in a vase.  (Don’t worry, you can read the menu better in another picture later.)

And this shelf has six IKEA spice jars filled with rice colored with food coloring.  (If you want to color your own rice, put rice and food coloring into a container with a lid.  Shake.  Repeat until all the rice is colored.  If you think your kid will spill rice all over the floor, glue the lids onto the containers.  I didn’t.  Yet.  We’ll see if I regret that decision.)

This is the stove section of the kitchen.  Elizabeth peeled off the foam burners that came with the kitchen in the first three days, so I had to make new ones.  I looked for a long time before deciding what to use.  (I actually priced out copper and stainless steel burners before deciding that I was insane.)  These burners are made from wooden soccer ball cutout shapes from Michaels, that I painted gray and glued to the kitchen with wood glue.

This is the sink section of the little kitchen.  Both sections are separate, so I can move them around if we move houses or I want to put them in a different room eventually.  At the moment, Elizabeth’s kitchen is located in the eating area in our kitchen, which we don’t eat in but where I have my computer desk instead. The sink has a real faucet and the knobs turn.  All the kids that come to our house pretend to wash things in the sink.  There is storage on two shelves behind the rainbow curtain.  The curtain came with the kitchen and I got to custom design it to match what I wanted. (Colorized, obviously.)  Most of Elizabeth’s play food and dishes are stored on these two shelves, in plastic bins.

This is the refrigerator that I made.  If you recall, Courtney helped me.  We used these plans.  I used that same matched paint that I mentioned with the shelves to paint it.  It has a weekly schedule whiteboard hanging on the side of it.  (Which isn’t properly photographed, oops.)

Here’s the whole kitchen again, just so you can admire all the work I’ve put into it. (A year. I’ve been setting this up for practically a whole year. I know, I need to get a life.)

And I only did this for the photo and I would never actually leave them there, but wouldn’t this be awesome?

Yes, those are tiny bottles of liquor.  That would be an actual minibar.

Any kitchen questions?