In Defense of Princesses

When people find out that Elizabeth has reached the Age of Princesses, I get a lot of eye rolling.  There is a lot of superiority too, from people who have kids that did not (yet) go through the love of all things princess.  “Oh,” they say, “we just didn’t encourage it and we gave her other toys to play with.”  This is all said with the self-righteous opinion that princesses are something horrible, like we are letting her play with imitation drug paraphernalia.

Well, I admit that I have a problem with some things princess related (like how every princess movie ends with a wedding, for a start), but I don’t think princesses are all bad.  In fact, I would like to present you with a list of why princesses are good things.

  1. Princesses are nice.  They take care of the people around them, whether they are animals, local children, or a group of small miners living in the woods.  They share and they give things away.
  2. Princesses are neat and tidy.  They always brush their hair and they are never seen in public in just their underwear.  (Ahem, my darling toddler who tried to take off her shirt in Walmart a few weeks ago.)
  3. Princesses work hard.  They cook, they clean, they rule over entire kingdoms.  Even when oppressed by evil stepmothers, princesses know how to do a whole bunch of work before breakfast.
  4. Princesses stand up for themselves.  The modern ones will even whack you over the head with an iron skillet if you threaten them.
  5. Princesses know how to behave.  Occasionally, I may have had to lean over and whisper “princesses don’t spit” to a certain two year old.
  6. Princesses don’t whine.  Evil queen chased you into the woods?  Make the best of the situation and sing a happy song while you tidy up the cottage you’ve happened upon.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a princess complain about any situation.

Anyone have anything to add in defense of princesses?