A Pirate Party

This post is subtitled: The Kind Of Pirate Party You Can Throw with An Hour’s Prep and One $7 Trip to the Party Store.

Today, we had a moms group Pirate Party at our house.  Since it wasn’t a birthday party or anything, basically just a playgroup with a theme, I didn’t want to put too much effort into it.  So I went looking around the internet and Pinterest for things I could do with little to no effort.

For snacks, we had pirate ship cheeses.

To make these, I took those little Babybell cheeses (or whatever they are called, my sister and I called them rocking in a boat cheeses when we were growing up) and cut them in half.  Then I stuck a toothpick through a piece of card stock and stuck them into the cheeses.  Oh, and I shaved a little piece of the bottom off so that they had a flat bottom to stand on.

I also made one big one out of some grown up Gouda cheese.

These took about ten minutes to make.  You can see that I just shoved the toothpick into the card stock and it is all bent and such, but like I said, I didn’t care that much.  (I did put the prettier ones in front.  The bent ones are in the back.)

Then I had some of those chocolate gold coins that I just dumped onto a plate.  And crackers to go with the cheese.

And, since Halloween is coming up, I found some skull lollipops at the grocery store.  Also pictured, the empty plate to remind me to put out the hot dogs.  I made squid hot dogs, which you do by cutting up hot dogs.  I never did take pictures of them because I actually cooked these while everyone was here, so to the internet for a picture!  I cut the hot dogs in half and then slit up the hot dog (leaving a head) into fourths.  Technically, they are supposed to be octopus hot dogs, but when I’ve done those, the legs are too narrow and fall off.  So I just did four legs and called them squids.  Cut them before you cook them and when you boil them, the legs will curl up and look all octopus like.

For regular, just dump into a bowl food, we had pretzels and Pirate Booty, because I had pretzels and Pirate Booty in the pantry already.  But the Pirate Booty did fit nicely with the theme.  (I had chocolate Pirate Booty- not recommended, I won’t buy it again, it’s weird- and some kind of weird shaped kind.)

I also made a double batch of cherry limeade (see that earlier post for the recipe) and put that out.

For activities, we had fishing.  I took sticks, attached a string, and then tied a magnet into a little swatch of fabric and then tied the fabric to the end of the string.  I didn’t want loose magnets around because we had a lot of little kids.  I was going to cut out paper fish and attach paper clips, but then I remembered that I had a bunch of plastic fish in our Halloween treat basket, so I just grabbed those and stuck a safety pin through each one.  This was a huge hit.  (Also, no water in the pool and two of the little boys ended up sitting in the pool later and playing with action figures.)

For one of my more genius ideas, I had balloon swords.  Matt and I twisted them last night.  It took about fifteen minutes.  Also, you can make a lot of “that’s what she said” jokes when you are making balloon swords.  (Lest you think we are too amazing, these things are really easy to make.  But buy the balloon pump, I had to go back to the store when I discovered that balloon animal balloons cannot be blown up by mouth.)

I stuck out the leftover pirate stickers (which I bought for the boats) next to the swords for the kids when they came in.  I made about double the amount of balloon swords for the kids, assuming that we would have a lot of breakage.  Only Elizabeth broke one.  (Of course.)  All the kids were sent home with as many swords as they wanted and I suspect a lot of daddies will have to have sword fights tonight.

Another idea stolen from the internet is the plank.  All I did for this was grab a spare board (leftover from building Elizabeth’s refrigerator) from the garage and put it on the floor by the front door.  When people came in, I told them to walk the plank and go grab a sword and some pirate stickers.  If I were doing this as a party for older kids, I would do what I saw online and strap the plank to some boxes so that it is above the ground for walking.  But we had toddlers and preschoolers and babies, so I thought on the ground was good enough.

All the kids came in pirate costume.  (Elizabeth refused to wear her sash and her hat or she would have looked a bit more pirate-y, but I just dressed her from her closet.)  This is Elizabeth and Adam having a sword fight.  (And yes, Elizabeth is wearing princess shoes.)  I have so many cute pictures of tiny pirates, but I only have Adam’s mom’s permission for blog posting, so this is all you get.

And before the party was over, Elizabeth and the only other girl had ditched the pirate theme and changed to princess dresses.  A lot of the boys wore princess shoes too.  We also had a dragon and a duck walking around after the kids got into the dress up closet.

Now, I have to go see if I can Clean Up From a Pirate Party in Less Than an Hour.