Friday Night Leftovers- Up Too Early Edition

  • I woke up at five this morning and Elizabeth slept an hour later than usual, until 8:20am.  Ah, the dark and the quiet, one of my favorite times.  (I am being extremely sarcastic, I would rather have been happily asleep.)
  • When I was putting Elizabeth to bed last night, I asked her what she wanted to do tomorrow.  She told me that she wanted to go to Burger King.  (Our Burger King has one of the nicest, cleanest outdoor playgrounds around.  Who would have thought?)  I figured that was a reasonable request, so I am going to take her.
  • I told Elizabeth this morning that she stinks and needed to get out of her nighttime diaper.  (She just wears diapers at night now and has been doing that for a while.)  She told me, “No, Mama, I no stink.”  So there.
  • In between this bullet point and the last bullet point, we went to Burger King for an hour and a half, had lunch and played on the playground with a friend.  I love that playground.  I don’t like Burger King that much, but this Burger King’s playground is awesome.
  • Elizabeth has some restaurant only toys.  She saw the bag they live in hanging up in the laundry room and told me she wanted to play with them.  I told her no, they were just for restaurants.  She found a solution to that problem.  “Let’s go to a restaurant now, Mama.”
  • Elizabeth and I also just had a conversation about eye and hair color.  We agree that I have black hair.  We agree that Dibits has yellow hair.  (Brown and blond, but good enough.)  We agree that I have brown eyes.  But we disagree over the color of Elizabeth’s eyes.  One of us continues to claim, even with mirror proof, that Dibits has yellow eyes.
  • You know, the instant I hit publish on these things, I always think of dozens of more things to say.

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