Arguing with Strangers

Today, I was at the mall, making an appointment for family pictures (I know, again, we still haven’t gone) when I received a long lecture on my parenting.  I said a lot of things like “hmm” and “umm” and basically didn’t agree or disagree with anything this man said.

I walked away with lots of things in my head that I should have said to him, of course.  But here’s the thing, he based this long lecture on me mentioning to someone in line with me that Elizabeth was asking to get her picture taken today because after we take pictures, we go get a cookie together.

He extrapolated a lot of things from this one statement, but basically, he didn’t have any idea what he was talking about because he doesn’t know us.  He was completely wrong.  I don’t know why I am defending myself here.

But it got me to thinking about why I tend not to argue with people like this.  Partially because I am non-confrontational, but mainly because if someone is going to give a stranger a long, rude lecture, their opinion is not going to be changed by anything I say.

What about you?  Do you argue with strangers?  Have you ever changed anyone’s opinion?