Time Warp Tuesday- Favorite Post

Kathy at Four of a Kind is doing a new(ish) blog hop called Time Warp Tuesday.  She gives you a topic and has you revisit an old post.  Today’s topic is Your All Time Favorite Post.

The first one that came to mind for me is this post, about Hard Questions.  I feel like choosing this one is cheating, since it was really the comment section that made it so interesting.  But I absolutely loved this post because of all the great discussion it generated.  Go on, go read all the comments.  It’s excellent.

I wrote it because I had recently been exposed to two different thoughts of things that I wouldn’t really have thought of as being tough.  The first one was the NICU time that was referenced in my original post and the second was when I made a comment about two children being close together in age.  I mentioned that statement in the comment section.  I later came to find out that the mother experienced loss before having these two children close in age and I suspect that may have had a lot to do with her decision to start trying again so soon.

I’ve found that I have become a lot more sensitive to smaller things that might be difficult to people since I started reading the internet.  To be fair, I’ve never asked some of the big ones, like “when are you going to have kids” or “planning to get married soon?” or “are you dating anyone yet?”  But I’ve realized that there are a lot of sensitive subjects out there for a lot of people so I’ve been more careful about what I talk about.

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