Okay, I wanted to do a post about going to the zoo today because we had so much fun, but our internet went down again today and we had to mess with it instead.  So instead, I will just ask you what I thought about as I drove into our neighborhood on the way home from the zoo.

Matt and I have a two car garage.  And we have two cars.  We keep both of our cars in the garage.  We’ve always done that, as long as we had a garage.  (In our Florida apartment, we had no garage.  And our Idaho house had a three car garage.  But we only had two cars.)  But we seem to be the minority in our neighborhood.  Our next door neighbors keep both their cars in the driveway.  And the people across the street do too.  In Florida, it was pretty common for the back half of the garage to be filled with stuff and the front half of the garage to be used like a porch.  People would keep tables and chairs in there and you’d see them sitting out there, sometimes barbequing.

Also, whenever it snowed (obviously when we lived places with snow, not when we lived in Florida) (although it did frost once in Florida with enough frost to stay on the cars), I would see how many cars stayed outside all night and had snow on them.  I know obviously that not everyone has garages, but I am curious at what you do.  Do you have a garage?  Do you use it for your car(s)?  Do you have more cars than spaces in the garage?  Do you use your garage for storage?  Is your laundry room in your garage?  Do you use your garage for something else?  (I used to babysit for people who had a playroom set up in their garage, with paint and bikes and such.)

(And yes, I realize that this is kind of a strange topic.  But I am kind of strange and it is something I have been wondering about for years.  And it never comes up in conversation.  Maybe I should start walking around asking people “so, what’s your garage situation?”)