Friday Night Leftovers- Hair Bow Edition

  • Last night, the quiche leaked over the edge of the pan and got on the bottom of the oven.  So our house was filled with smoke for a while.  This morning, now that it is all cool again, I cleaned out the spill from the bottom of the oven.  Elizabeth was deeply disturbed.  She knows that we are not supposed to touch the oven.  She kept exclaiming “no, no, we don’t do that!”
  • Also our house still smells like smoke.  I aired it out (and will do so again when it cools down tonight) and lit the oil warmer for a while.
  • We just had a bow party at our house to make hair bows.  Two friends with little girls (much littler girls, all Elizabeth’s friends her age are boys) and I made Halloween hair bows.  We’ve all agreed that we now understand why hair bows cost so much.  And before you suggest that I sell them in my Etsy shop, would you be willing to pay $25 per bow?  Because that is how much I would want to make it worthwhile doing it on a commercial level.  A few bows for Elizabeth, fine.  But no more.  It took us HOURS.
  • And if you ignore all the complaining I just did about how hard it was, we did all have a good time and we are planning on doing it once a month.  Next month, turkey hair bows.
  • Oh my goodness.  You know how I keep saying that all of Elizabeth’s friends are boys?  I just counted all the kids on our Christmas list.  Eleven children.  Nine boys.  Two girls.  And the girls live in Idaho and Baltimore.
  • Okay, in the time since I wrote that last sentence, I think I have figured out Christmas gifts.  Don’t ask me, some of the people getting them are reading this RIGHT NOW.
  • Okay, fine, I will show you pictures of the hair clips we made since I know you are going to ask.

Ghost hair clip.  Pretend it has eyes.  No one brought eyes so we all have to add them later.

Spider hair clip.  Also pretend that it has googly eyes.

Pumpkin hair clip.  This is one of my favorites.

Curly hair clip.  Surprisingly, this was one of the hardest and longest to make.

  • Yes.  Four hair bows did take us about four hours.  SHUT UP.  (We also had lunch.  And it was more like three hours and forty-five minutes.)
  • Also, I made a witch hat hair clip too, but it isn’t pictured because I still need to add the actual hair clip to the bottom of it.

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