Cute Baby Saturday- Zoo Edition

Last week, right before my internet broke, Courtney and I took the wee ones to the zoo.

I include this picture primarily to show you the straps attached to the sides of the stroller.  This is not a new idea at all, but it worked so well for Isaac and Elizabeth.  The straps are some of my long playsilks (orange and green) that I just tied to the stroller and told the kids to hold them.  They did.  And they waited for us to tell them when they could let go.  And then they grabbed back on when we told them too.  It was kind of… amazing.  They switched colors in the middle of the day.

Right, so that morning, it was really cold outside.  When I was grabbing Elizabeth’s coat from the closet (which, coincidentally, the back half is the coat closet and the front half is the dress up closet), I thought “why should they wear regular coats when these costumes are basically the same thing as coats?”  So I took the duck costume, the dragon costume, and the bee costume with us.  Isaac and Noah were agreeable.  Elizabeth refused.

Meerkats, anyone?


Elizabeth says to you: “Roar!”

These two are such nice friends.

SEE?  The friend cuteness!  I am dying!

Isaac and his mom took a picture together…

…and you can see why I zoomed in so close.  Elizabeth was like “what?  A picture without me in it?  Impossible.”

Also, we are cute too.

Isaac switched to the bee costume later, so that it wouldn’t feel left out.  Elizabeth still refused.  And here they are brushing a goat.  Noah is in the background, in goat heaven.

YOU GUYS!  BABY TIGER!  (Tigers, actually, but only one of them would come out of the little hollow and pose.)

Noah got all scared on the carousal and attached himself to his mom’s neck.

And there are more pictures, 197 to be exact, but I will not subject you to more.