Help from the Internets

Right, internets.  And especially you Pinterest people.  Courtney is getting a new house.  And I went to see it yesterday.  (Was that actually yesterday?  It seems like weeks ago.  We have been BUSY lately and I have done so much since yesterday morning.)  And I have taken it upon myself to come up with something really interesting to do with this one closet she has in her new house.  (Since I am nosy, I opened pretty much every door and cabinet in her house.  You might not want to invite me over.)

Anyway, this looks like it would be the linen closet.  Until you open the door.  And then you discover that it is the narrowest closet of all time and you can’t figure out why someone took the trouble to build a closet there at all.  Courtney said she’d probably keep DVDs in it because basically that is all that will fit.  And DVDs might even be too deep to fit on those shelves.

So what would you do with that space?  Courtney has two little boys and this closet is right outside their rooms.  It is just ripe for something little boy awesome.  A race car city?  A science lab?  Come on, internet.  Let’s come up with something spectacular and then pressure Courtney to make it.