Time Warp Tuesday- Song Lyrics

The theme for this week’s Time Warp Tuesday is song lyrics.  I am revisiting this post where I talked about the song Goodnight Moon.  It’s a rather new post, so not very much has changed since I wrote it. I did find the whole quote from the book that I referenced in the original post.  (And I like the quote even better now.)  “…I sometimes can’t imagine why all the songs musicians write are about love between women and men, instead of love for a child by the grownups in her family.”  (The book is called The Most Wanted, by Jacquelyn Mitchard.  She also wrote The Deep End of the Ocean, which was made into a movie.)

Anyway, I still love this song and I play it often at night when I am the only one downstairs and cleaning up the kitchen.  This song, and Two of the Lucky Ones, make me feel relaxed and happy and surrounded by love.  Normally, I prefer silence, since so much of my life has long been surrounded by noise (right now there are just a few quiet splashes coming from Elizabeth in the kitchen sink behind me), but these two songs make me feel centered.

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