Inside and Outside

Right.  So we have two dogs.  Trin and the little dog.  Trin likes to spend as much of her time outside as possible.  In the summer, this means she goes in and out every five minutes or so.  She goes out, gets too hot, comes in to cool off, feels better, goes back out, gets too hot…  In the cold of the winter, it is similar, but she’s pretty tough so it isn’t as bad then.  Sometimes when there is snow on the ground, I go and make her come inside because I don’t want her to freeze.

The little dog doesn’t like outside.  He goes outside once in the morning and once in the evening.  And one of those times is only because we insist.  He’d rather stay inside where he feels it is much less likely that he will be eaten by a wild animal.  (You know, all those wild animals that ravage our back yard.  I’ve, uh, seen a bunny.  And a chipmunk.)

The dogs like each other quite a bit.  They are friends.  But, do you sense a problem with this?  Two dogs, that enjoy each other’s company and enjoy playing together, but prefer opposite sides of the door.

Yes.  They both come to our back door and stare at each other through the glass.  The little dog whines and Trin uses her paw to tap at the door.  I open it.  They both look at each other.  They both look at me.  They both tell each other “well, COME ON” in dog eye speech.  Neither of them goes because they both prefer the side of the door that they are currently on.  I roll my eyes.  I close the door.

They stay on opposite sides of the door, staring at each other.  And whining at me to fix this terrible problem.