You'll Never Guess What Was in the Bag

Today, we had another session with our dog trainer.  We are working on making the little dog less anxious.  Our trainer is quite amazing with him and I am very impressed.  This was our third session and he’s made great strides already.

Today, we worked with him on being calm when people walk by our house.  Whenever he sees someone out the window, he goes ballistic and starts barking like crazy.  And it has always worked for him- the people always keep walking and go away.  “I am a big scary dog and I chased them away!” he thinks, while the people on the other side of the window have no idea that he exists.

So our dog trainer brought another woman (I am assuming another animal trainer that she works with, based on context clues) with her and this other woman walked back in front of our house for an hour.  They both had walkie-talkies and the trainer would tell her to stop walking, start walking, turn around, etc. based on what the little dog was doing.  Obviously, we were trying to give him what he wanted (her to go away and also chicken treats) when he calmed down, not when he barked like a maniac.

It was just misting rain this morning, so she had an umbrella with her.  She also had a messenger bag over her shoulder.  It was cute (plaid, Dresden would have loved it) and I liked it so I noticed it.  But I also wondered why she hadn’t left it in the car, instead of carrying it back and forth in front of our house.

I found it highly amusing to imagine what our neighbors thought about someone walking back and forth in front of our house for an hour.  Near the end, we had her walking on our lawn and also coming right up to the windows.  (The little dog eventually found that acceptable, but he never resigned himself to her actually knocking on the window.  Next week, perhaps.)  I imagine that it looked like we had a very obvious stalker.

Anyway, at one point, our dog trainer casually mentioned to me why this other woman was carrying a messenger bag over her shoulder.  Because she had a squirrel in it.

Yes, a live squirrel.

Apparently, someone brought her an injured baby squirrel yesterday and she’s nursing it back to health.  I think it is awesome that she was just walking back and forth in front of my house, carrying a squirrel.