Today, we finally got our family pictures done.  Yes, finally.  Looking through the archives, I see that I first made an appointment to get them taken on… oh, look at that, July 14th.  Anyway, we got them done today.  (I wore the teal shirt.  That is what most of you said, I think.)  I will put them up tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.

After the pictures, you go sit in the waiting room and wait for them to download your pictures and edit them a little.  This takes about ten minutes.  Maybe fifteen.  During this part, Matt asked if I minded if he went and checked the movie times at the movie theater upstairs.  I said, no, of course I don’t mind, go ahead.

So I’m sitting and waiting for the picture person to come back and Matt called me and said something that I could really hear over my antique cell phone.  I got the gist though, he said he’d be a few more minutes if that was okay.  The picture person wasn’t back yet, so I said it was fine.  Elizabeth was playing quietly with her princesses that I brought her on the bead table that the picture place has.  I was basically just staring into space and trying to figure out if the example kid in the framed picture on the wall was a boy or a girl.

The picture person came back (and luckily, it was not the parenting lecture guy, who I thought it was going to be) and we started going through the pictures and arguing discussing which coupons I was going to be able to use.  (They agreed to use the coupon I brought even though it was expired.  Which is part of the reason I go there, because they are reasonable about things like that.  And I agreed to spend $30 more than I had to in order to get the coupon, in exchange for them ignoring the expiration date.)  I picked out five sheets to choose from for the three I was going to have printed.  Now we were just waiting on Matt to come back and pick his favorites from my final list.

He didn’t come.  I waited.  She waited.  Finally, getting just a tad annoyed, I started to tell the picture person to go do something else and I’d call her back over when he showed up.  Just then, he walked through the door.

And he dropped a small box on the table in front of me.

“Here, I bought you a new iPhone.”


Yeah, that is a pretty good excuse for being longer to come back than I expected.  (Also, he really wasn’t gone nearly long enough to buy a phone.  Those things take forever.  He says that it was the fastest phone transaction ever.)

This is my first iAnything.  I don’t have an iPod, an iPad, an iPhone, nothing.  My current old cell phone was a Tracfone.  It didn’t even have a color screen.  It could barely send text messages.  It didn’t have a camera.  And now I have a brand new shiny iPhone.  (It’s the white one.  And apparently, it came out today.  Not only do I have a fancy phone, but I also have a fancy phone on the first day it was available.)  We talked about getting me an iPhone eventually, but I hadn’t actually begun to think of that outside of the abstract yet.

I’d write more, but I have to go and look at pretty iPhone covers on the internet…