Friday Night Leftovers- Austin Edition

  • The Blathering is today!  I am excited!  Also, this will be the first time in years that I will be in charge of only myself.  With the exception of a few hours here and there, I’ve been responsible for other people full time for years now.
  • I moved Trin’s crate downstairs when I left, so that Matt doesn’t have to go up and down the stairs to put her away when he leaves for work or comes home.  (It’s a totally different system when I am there all day, so where her crate is isn’t really an issue.)  Trin was deeply insulted that someone would dare touch her crate.
  • I saved hundreds of dollars by getting a ride to the airport and not parking a car (thanks, Holly!) and by not checking luggage.  The not checking luggage part worked out beautifully, by the way.  The only issue was that I had to pack all of our things in one suitcase, but that ended up not being a problem.  We had a rolling suitcase, the car seat, and a backpack each.  (The suitcase was one of our two allowable carry on items, and the backpacks were both small enough to count as our personal items.  The car seat doesn’t count.  So we could have even had one more bag.)  I have that strap that attaches the car seat to a rolling suitcase, so I pulled the suitcase and the car seat with one hand and held Elizabeth’s hand with my other hand.  We both wore our backpacks.  (Except when Elizabeth didn’t, and then her backpack rode in the car seat.)  The only issue was that the car seat attached to the suitcase didn’t fit down the airplane aisle very well.  It did work, but I kind of had to yank it too much.  (I would have unattached it, but the flight attendant assured me that it would fit.)  On the way off the plane, I pulled the suitcase and carried the car seat instead.  Better, but still awkward.
  • Hooray for smart phones.  Elizabeth used my phone to watch a movie (and just randomly typed a little) on the airplane.  I planned for this and (gasp!) didn’t pack her any toys for the trip.
  • I took my laptop out on the airplane and returned all my emails.  (Even without internet, I just sent them when I got internet.  You had to pay for the wifi on this plane.)  I wonder how many people read them over my shoulder while I was typing.  (I had an aisle seat.)
  • I’m getting pretty close to having all the major Christmas for other people shopping done.
  • Elizabeth has learned to close one eye and not the other.  She thinks this is hilarious.  I agree.  Someday, I will try to get a picture of her doing it.
  • Oh, I forgot.  When we landed from our flight, all the people sitting around us on the plane told Elizabeth that she had been a very good girl.  (She was a very good girl.)  Then the section around us had a group discussion about what a fantastic parent I am.  I almost invited them all over for dinner right then and there.
  • There is a movie opening today called The Mighty Macs.  That’s my college!  I’ve known about this movie for the longest time because my school is soooo excited about it.  They’ve been sending me dozens of emails from the Alumni Relations Office.  I just got an email about how the first week of a movie release determines how long the movie stays in theaters so I need to encourage my family and friends to go see the movie.  So go see the movie.  And I am going to go see it, some of it was filmed on my campus, and I am excited to see it again.  I haven’t been back there in years.
  • Also, from the previews, those are so not what the actual Immaculata nuns wear.  I miss my school.

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