Blathering Pictures

I should honestly be fired from blogging from all the pictures I have taken (not taken) this weekend.  Not only have I carried my camera around and barely remembered to take pictures at all, but I don’t have my camera cord with me, so you can’t even see those.  I do have a few pictures from my cell phone, which I shall now show you.



I am having a great time.  It’s almost an overwhelmingly great time though, because there are just so many people here.  Everyone I meet is one of my people and it is awesome.  But I would love to sit down and talk to each person individually for hours and you just can’t do that with fifty people here.  There are some people that I was so excited to finally meet in person that I have barely begun to talk to.  I haven’t learned everyone’s name and I feel like I should have by now.  Now, the great part is that I have found some people that I didn’t really know before and now I love them and will be moving them onto the compound.