Thirteen Things You Should Know About Me

Thirteen Things You Should Know About Me Before After The Blathering

  1. I got to Austin on Tuesday to visit my parents before abandoning my daughter with them and coming to The Blathering.  So I didn’t get to write my thirteen things post until now.
  2. I wrote a post about being introverted a couple of weeks ago.  I thought about it all weekend.
  3. I kind of feel like I didn’t do a great job at Blathering.  I didn’t get to meet everyone (there are a few people that I honestly didn’t even introduce myself too) and I didn’t get to talk to nearly everyone that I wanted to talk to.
  4. BUT, the people I did meet and the people I did talk to- I absolutely loved everyone.
  5. I attempted to get all The Blathering people’s blogs and Twitters into my reader and my Twitter before we left.  But I did it when your survey came up on the website and if you either didn’t do your survey or it came up after Tuesday, I absolutely missed it.  I had every intention of already knowing everyone before I got there and it just didn’t work out.
  6. I’m pretty sure that Jonna and I were separated at birth.  Or at least we’ve read a lot of the same books, had too many of the same experiences, and talk about them in the same manner.  And also, we have exactly some of the same fears in the same way.  Unfortunately, we didn’t start discovering all of this until the last night, so it is possible that we aren’t exactly the same person, but it sure seemed like it.
  7. Now that I am home, I am trying to match up everyone with their blog and saying a lot of “oh, that was HER.”   I think Miriel gets the most credit for not only knowing who people were, but also knowing who their spouses and children are.  Not only did she do this with me, but I also overheard her doing it with other people.  I was highly impressed.
  8. All weekend, I’d see random people in the hotel, walking with their spouse/boyfriend/man and I’d be like “huh?  There are no men here.”
  9. I was a lightweight in college and I am now ten years older than I was in college and I just cannot stay out all night.  Not that I ever really could.  I wish I could.  But I am too tired.
  10. I really should have stayed out all night talking to people anyway.  Because I couldn’t sleep at all, which was pathetic.  I mean, dark, quiet hotel room all to myself?  WHAT ELSE DO I REQUIRE?
  11. The Blathering organizers did a tremendous amount of work and everything was awesome.  I ate lots of food.
  12. I carried my camera around everywhere and took a total of four pictures.  (Okay, I took more than four, but barely more than four.  I should have my blogging license revoked.)
  13. I loved that everyone who was there gets it.  We all think it is totally normal to do things like take pictures of food and upload it to Twitter.  No one thinks it is weird to have never met your best friends.  We are each others’ People and it is so nice to be around people who understand.

I would include links and names to everyone that I met and talked to, but I would obviously forget someone important and then I would feel bad, so I am not going to even start that.  Just know that if you were one of them, I thought you were awesome and you are invited to live on the compound.