The Safety of this Nation

So, while we were at the airport coming back from Austin to Atlanta, Elizabeth and I had to wait in a really long line to get through security.  While we were in line, a security agent gave Elizabeth a sticker that promoted her from citizen to Junior TSA agent.  So you may all feel secure now, knowing the Dibits is on patrol.

When we got to the front of the line, our tickets and my picture ID were examined by a Very Serious TSA agent.  (I’m not making fun, it is an important job and people should take it seriously.  But she was taking it Very Seriously.)  I straightened up and paid great attention to everything she asked me.  She looked at my driver’s license from all angles, put it under the fancy light, and then compared it to my ticket.  She then said to me “please state your full name.”  I answered her.  (Matt’s argument at this point in my story was that they could catch way more users of fake IDs if they asked for your address.)

Then she leans down and very seriously asked my two year old “ARE YOU ELIZABETH?”

Elizabeth looks at her and answers, just as seriously, “No.  I am the white princess*.”

I swear I thought we were about to be dragged off to a back room and interrogated for hours.

*Dibits identifies herself and all other human beings by the color of their shirt.  Please be advised.  Also, this is sometimes rather awkward.