Cute Baby Saturday- Pre-Halloween Friends Edition

It is still two days before Halloween, but I have already washed Elizabeth’s Halloween costume four times.  Also, I suspect she plans to “get dressed like Eloise!” every day for the rest of her life.

Here’s a picture from our second Halloween party.  Yes, our second so far.

This morning, Eloise clothes were still in the dryer, so I made her wear a regular Halloween outfit.  My sister (HI SISTER!) sent Elizabeth this kitty cat dress last year.  Elizabeth has gotten too tall to wear it as a dress, so now she wears it as kind of a tunic over a top and pants.

And while I was taking this picture, kitty cat Dibits actually said “no, I NOT tired.”

And moving on to friend pictures, here is Dibits with Noah Bear.

And with her best friend Isaac.  Did I tell you guys that while I was taking a shower on Wednesday, Dibits and Isaac got married in the dress up closet?  They will tell you all about it too.