Another Halloween Picture Post

I wasn’t going to do this because you KNOW there will be more pictures on Tuesday morning of Elizabeth’s trick-or-treat experience, but OH MY GOODNESS THE CUTE.  We went downtown trick-or-treating yesterday and it was freezing, so we switched from Eloise to Madeline. (She wore her Eloise underneath and seriously told anyone who asked that she was Eloise AND Madeline.)

I just cannot resist this adorableness.

The only problem was that it was really windy, so her hat kept blowing off or she refused to wear it.  And frankly, without the hat, she was kind of just a little girl in a jacket.  I will need eleven additional little girls sent here immediately to walk with her in two straight lines.


Also, remember this post?  I offer you pictorial evidence.

They just stand there and stare at each other.  And then look at me like “um, a little help?”