I Need a Surprise!

I am working with Elizabeth to get her to play more independently.  She’s gotten pretty good at it in the last six months, but she could still use some work.  So this afternoon, I told her to go play nicely in her playroom until the timer went off and I would give her a special snack.  Then I set the timer for fifteen minutes.

It worked.  She went off and played and didn’t come to hang off my arm at all (guess what she is doing as I write this?) until the timer beeped.  Then she came running and requested her special snack.

We went into the pantry, had a few discussions and negotiations, and settled on a bowl of pretzels, a few mini marshmallows, and some sprinkles on top.  (Apparently, this is a GLORIOUS snack when you are two.)  She did the sprinkles herself (with guidance) and I was shocked when she stopped at four sprinkles.  No kidding, four total sprinkles.  She took her snack to my footstool and ate the whole thing.

I heard her crunching up the last pretzel.  Then she came running to me and said “it was a YUCKY snack!  I need another snack!  I need some CANDY!”

I told her that her argument of yucky would have gone better if she hadn’t eaten every bite first.