Yes, the Halloween Post


So, the day before Halloween, we carved the pumpkins.

I tried to carve the teeny tiny pumpkin, even though I knew that was stupid, and it was too tough to even begin to get my wee little pumpkin saw through the skin.

And then, Halloween.  We had chili for dinner for the adults.  I gave my chili some black olive and sour cream eyes.

And the kids had cheese sandwiches.

Elizabeth Eloise and Isaac Cowboy loaded themselves into the wagon.

Do you think they might be a little excited?

Our first stop was at the house across the street to pick up the neighbors.  We picked up another couple of kids along the way too that I didn’t even know.

And our neighbor had special candy waiting for each of our kids.  Yes.  Elizabeth was PLEASED.  Also, being that they got this at the first house, I was surprised they didn’t complain at the houses that handed over like a single Tootsie Roll.

We trick-or-treated for an hour-ish and then came back around to our house.  The beginning was disappointing because we have manners and were only going to houses with their porch lights on.  And since it was still light, most of the houses hadn’t remembered to put their lights on yet.  We had to walk up our entire street and down half of another one to find our first house.  But as it started to turn to dusk, more houses remembered to put their lights on.  However, still not very many houses participated.  Last year, I estimated about one in eight.  This year, I’d say about one in five.

Then we came home, where Elizabeth was bundled into fuzzy pajamas on account of it already being past her bedtime and the fact that she had insisted on being Eloise the entire time and not putting on her Madeline coat and hat and was therefore a little ice girl.

Elizabeth handed out the candy for the rest of the night.  And I am not kidding- we totally ran out of candy.  I bought five or six bags this year and I actually kept the receipt, in case we had way too much and I needed to return it.  Instead, we ran through all of that and also gave away Elizabeth’s candy from our trip around the neighborhood and from both Halloween parties we went to.  When we were down to the last three pieces, I turned off our lights and blew out the pumpkins.  The kids were pretty much gone at that point anyway.  Elizabeth was very disappointed, she really liked handing out candy.  And she would carefully select each piece for each child.  She gave the little girl dressed as Ariel two pieces.  And Elizabeth called the trick-or-treaters “customers” and kept saying “are more customers coming?!?  We need more customers!”

Overall, Elizabeth declared Halloween to be a huge success and she’d like to do that again.  Immediately, if not sooner.