Friday Night Leftovers

  • Matt is watching Jurassic Park (specifically not the scary parts) and Elizabeth is all excited about “da big dinosaurs!”
  • We bought the new Cars 2 movie on DVD and Elizabeth watched the Toy Story short six times over on the first night and none of the Cars movie.
  • When Elizabeth wants to do something that I’ve told her not to do, she says “Go ‘way, Mama!”  Like I am not going to figure that out.
  • Elizabeth and I drove Matt to a doctor’s appointment today and dropped him off.  She was VERY concerned about leaving him there.  Then we went to Target and she told the checkout lady “I left my daddy!”  Then she proceeded to wail the entire way home “we have to go get Daddy!  We lost Daddy!”
  • As the holidays are approaching and that means both high grocery bills and lots of room needed in the fridge and freezer, I informed Matt that we will be starting the period where I don’t buy many groceries and make weird combinations of random things from the freezer and say “no, we are out of that” a lot.  I also do this before we move for like a month.
  • Elizabeth fell asleep in the car just now and I am letting her sleep for a few minutes, even though I realize that it is stupid (she will NOT sleep tonight) because it is so nice and quiet here.  And did you know that I am typing right now with no one yanking on my arm?
  • The rest of this country seems to be dealing with an excess of Halloween candy, but I went to Target today and bought more (on sale! 50% off!) and I have already opened both bags since I got home.  You know, five minutes ago.
  • The weather here is weird right now.  It’s freezing in the morning (often literally freezing, below 32 degrees) but in the afternoons, it is getting up to 70 degrees some days.  So there is no way to dress appropriately.
  • All week, I think of appropriate bullet point items to write here, but when I sit down to actually do it, do I remember a single one?

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