Cute Baby Saturday- With a Side of Evil Genius

My apologies to everyone who already saw a lot of these on Twitter.

First, we have Elizabeth putting on my lipstick.

She fell asleep in the car yesterday and was soooo cute that I didn’t wake her up right away.  (I paid for this stupidity.  She didn’t fall asleep last night until 10:30pm.  She clearly has no need to nap anymore.)

When I did wake her up (after only 44 minutes!), she was terribly cranky and needed cuddles in the chair.

Until she saw herself on my phone screen and was delighted.  “Look!  It’s ME!  I am awesome!”  (Okay, she didn’t actually say that.  But she implied it.)

And this is what she was wearing when I took her with me last night to pick up the Chinese food for dinner.  (Mmmm.)  A princess dress and click clock shoes.  Not even matching click clock shoes.  One Snow White shoe and one Belle shoe.

And this morning, she wanted to refill her vitamin dispenser.  I counted out the right number of vitamins and told her to put two in each hole.  (Like I do every week.  She is very good at it.)  And then I told her NOT to eat any.  There are two in each hole, right?

Until you look more closely.  And see that she bit the tails off of almost all the fish.  She got off on a technicality because, technically, there are two fish in each hole.