More Tiny Prints

Okay, remember when I wrote this post about Tiny Prints?  Well, I ordered my free cards for this Christmas and I was so seriously pleased with the whole thing.  They were easy to use, the customer service was great, and the cards came out so nicely.  So Tiny Prints emailed me again and asked if I wanted to offer a giveaway on my blog.  And since I liked them so much, I said yes.  (Disclaimer: They are offering me 20 free address labels for this post, but frankly, I am not doing it for those, I don’t actually need any address labels, I am doing it because they were such a delight to work with before.  This is my thank you to them for the nice service I got while ordering my free cards.)

So, check out this link and to enter, tell me which 50 free cards you would choose if you won. Leave a comment.  I’ll pick a winner on whichever day I am picking the hair clip winner.  (The 15th?  I think I said the 15th.)

Also, today only, you (everyone!) can go to Tiny Prints and order a free card to your kids from Santa.  (I am not going to do this personally, not until we find out if Elizabeth is afraid of Santa again this year or not.)  To find out how to do this, go here.