Thursday Pictures

Yesterday, Elizabeth woke up all feverish and throwing up.  See, look how pathetic:

And of course she is surrounded by towels, she threw up about three minutes before this picture and she is in my bed.  After she (mostly) recovered, she spent most of the day like this:

But I suspect it wasn’t a true illness, just her immune system working on building her antibodies from the flu shot she got earlier this week.  Today she is totally fine.  (She was probably fine enough yesterday too, but I have a Unbreakable Rule that I do not expose other children to my child’s (potential or real) illnesses, so we stayed home until we’d had 24 hours without vomiting.)

Now, we have a house rule that dogs and children are never unsupervised together, but check out this supervised cuddling.

Also, I am pretty sure Trin dog is an alien.  Or possibly a robot.  I keep catching her with her eyes glowing green like this.

And just now, Elizabeth fell asleep on the living room chair.  (This almost never happens.)  I just woke her up after 40 minutes and for a while, I really regretted doing so.  She wakes up cranky if she’s not allowed to sleep as long as she wants.