Friday Night Leftovers- M&M Edition

  • I had peanut M&Ms for breakfast.  Yes, the peanut ones are healthy.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of organizing and clearing out lately.  I like this.  I am about to go clear out the laundry room now.  I have my eye on the really cluttered cabinet in the kitchen too.
  • What goes around, comes around.  Since I canceled a playdate because of vomit, I had one canceled on me today because of vomit.  And I always appreciate people who do not bring their just-vomited children over to my house.
  • Elizabeth and I have been ridiculously busy lately.  But if you ask me what we’ve been busy with, I cannot tell you.  We’ve been busy with nothing.  I have several friends that I haven’t seen in weeks because we are just too busy with our nothing.
  • Matt’s  back surgery is scheduled for Monday.  Yippee.  (I mean, I am not excited about the surgery and the recovery part, hence my sarcasm, but I am actually excited about him feeling better afterward.)
  • I have almost all of the Christmas presents finished for this year.  As soon as I finish assembly (and a little bit more sewing), I will only have to fill in a few family presents.
  • And Matt usually buys most of the family presents.  He’s awesome.  He thinks of wonderful, thoughtful gifts for each person, purchases them, and wraps them.  That’s right, ladies, he wraps all the presents for me.  He’s even willing to cheerfully wrap presents that I buy for my friends.  I love him.
  • Elizabeth is starting to want to wear only dresses.  I can usually get her into jeans if we are doing something fun and I tell her that she’s not allowed to go unless she is dressed properly, but I have a feeling I will be investing heavily in tights this winter.  (Or, as Elizabeth calls them “skaites.”  It sounds like a cross between tights and skates.)
  • I bought Elizabeth Candyland.  It’s been…updated or something.  SO not as cool as I remember it from when I was little.  (Princess Lolly!)

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