Good Will

Yesterday, I stopped off at our Goodwill store to shop for Elizabeth.  She’s grown since last year (obviously) and all her jeans were starting to look like capri pants.  I looked through all the clothes and found something like four pairs of new (well, it’s Goodwill, so obviously used by someone else, but new to us) jeans.  I also found two shirts and two dresses.  One of the dresses was a fancy Easter-type dress and I mostly bought it because I thought Elizabeth would enjoy playing in it for dress up.  While we were there, Elizabeth came across a Tinkerbell lantern thing and since it was $3.50, I let her buy that too.  Anyway, this whole pile of clothes (oh, and a pair of sneakers too, I bought them for the spare pair to keep in the car) and her toy and the whole lot was less than $30.

When I was checking out, the cashier asked me if the pile of clothes and toys was for Elizabeth for Christmas.

I stuttered out that no, it was just because she’d been growing out of all her clothes.  And I felt guilty because I know that lots of people have to shop for their children at Goodwill for their Christmas gifts and have to buy useful things like clothes for their gifts and probably have to start shopping now because they need to spread the cost out over several months.  And the thing is, I am careful with our money and don’t often buy Elizabeth a big stack of new clothes, but I could.  I shopped at Goodwill for her jeans because I knew I could probably get what she needed there and each pair of jeans would only cost $2.97.  But if I didn’t want to shop there, I could afford to go and buy all the clothes she needs for this winter new.

This is why we do Toys for Tots every year at Christmas and we find an angel tree and shop for another child at Christmas.  This is why we donate money and take cookies to our fire station.  And this is also part of the reason that I do some of our shopping at Goodwill because the money I spend there goes back into the organization.  But it was a good reminder of just how lucky and blessed we are with all that we do have.