I Just Like the Food, Okay?

So, I really like hospital cafeteria food.  Actually, I like almost all cafeteria food.  I liked the dorm food at college, even though lots of people complained about it.  I don’t know, I guess institutional food tastes good to me.  I like comfort food and hospitals tend to serve a lot of things like soups and casseroles and meatloaf.  The unlimited hospital food was one of the things I was looking forward to when Elizabeth was born.  I know, I doubt that hospital food is really on many people’s perk lists of Reasons to Have a Baby.

Anyway, Matt is in for his back surgery today and the first thing I said when they wheeled him off to the operating room was “where is the cafeteria?”  Even though I packed myself a lunch today and I hungrily devoured my sandwich about a half an hour before they took him back.  (I tried not to eat in front of him, the poor man who hadn’t had anything at all since six the night before, but they were running late!  I was hungry!  I get cranky when I am hungry.)

So, now I am in the hospital cafeteria, happily eating my corn chowder with crackers and waiting for my pager to go off to tell me that Matt’s out of surgery.