Time Warp Tuesday- Attention

For today’s Time Warp Tuesday (sponsored by Kathy at Four of a Kind), we are talking about past posts that we were surprised that got so much attention.

For my post, I submit: Garages.

I asked the question because frankly, I have always wondered.  But apparently I am not the only one.  It was a hot topic!  I got lots of highly fascinating answers and they kept coming in for weeks.  I honestly didn’t think that post would be such a popular commenting post or I would have posted it on a day(s) when I wasn’t so busy.  I wanted to go back and respond to pretty much all of the comments, but I was really busy that day and the next one and I never got to go back and leave my comments in the comment section.  But I really was fascinated and I thought all of you had excellent reasons for what you do and do not do with your garages (or lack of garages or cars).  For our family, we park both cars in the garage because we find it the most convenient.  I don’t have to worry about Elizabeth getting out into the street when I put her in the car because I leave the door down until she’s buckled in.  And I can unload the groceries (and the Dibits) without getting wet if it is raining.  Also, our cars are one of the more expensive things that we own, so since we have the inside storage space to keep them under cover, we do.  I was so interested to hear what all the rest of you do and that apparently, you all found the topic as oddly interesting as I do.

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Editor’s Note: Matt’s surgery went very well yesterday and he is home recovering nicely.  Thanks for all the well wishes!