Advent Activities List

Since it has been going around these last few days, I am going to share our Advent Activities List, which I have now been working on since JulyYes, July.

Anyway, here is the list, not in any particular order.  I’ve also got the advent calendar that I finally selected about halfway finished.  (I am doing it in felt, and no, I am not hand sewing ANYTHING.  I fabric glued the mittens together and I may do some machine stitching around them for decoration, but then again, I may not.  And I haven’t even begun to decorate the mittens yet, we’ll just see how much of that gets done.  I can always improve them next year if necessary.)  So 11:45pm on November 30 way in advance, obviously, I shall print out this list, cut out the activities, and put them into the appropriate mitten.  Then, each morning, Elizabeth and I shall open one and see what the day’s Christmas activity is.

  1. Open a Christmas story and read it.
  2. Bake cookies.
  3. Visit Santa.
  4. Decorate a gingerbread house.
  5. Look at Christmas lights.
  6. Open Advent Calendar.
  7. Make homemade hot chocolate.
  8. Go Christmas shopping.
  9. Wrap presents.
  10. Have friends over for a Christmas party.
  11. Watch a Christmas movie.
  12. Shop for a toy for Toys for Tots/Angel Tree.
  13. Take cookies to the fire station.
  14. Make  paper snowflakes.
  15. Make a popcorn string for tree.
  16. Make a pinecone wreath.
  17. Have a Christmas breakfast.
  18. Make Christmas ornaments.
  19. Candy Cane hunt.
  20. Breakfast with Santa.
  21. Visit the zoo.
  22. Make a Christmas shirt.
  23. Make peppermint bark.
  24. Deliver Christmas presents.
  25. Go to the post office and mail Christmas presents.
  26. Write a letter to Santa and mail it at Macy’s.
  27. Pick out this year’s Christmas ornament.
  28. Sock snowball fight.

I believe Breakfast with Santa is likely not going to happen, as apparently it is crazy expensive and crowded, but I am leaving it on there just in case.  Some of these events we will invite friends over to share them with.  (Like the candy cane hunt, that is totally going to be everyone I can get to come at the local playground.)  Also, some will likely get bounced off and some will be repeated.  (For example, I have six wrapped Christmas books that I bought last year.  She’ll probably get to open two per day, but that leaves three days of opening Christmas books.)

Anyone have anything fantastic to add?