Friday Night Leftovers- Friday Morning Edition

  • Why don’t the students at Hogwarts have to take things like math?  (I’m sorry, England, I mean maths.)
  • And why did Harry never go to a Quidditch game that Griffindor didn’t play in?  The other three teams ought to have played each other during the year.  Harry should have been a spectator at some point.
  • Thanksgiving is next week.  I need to start thinking about that.
  • Also, my brother-in-law is coming to visit and has requested lasagna and turkey.  I need to get on that lasagna too.  This is also the brother-in-law who came to visit a few years ago and came into my kitchen and looked at me all sad and said “Jen, when I come to visit, you usually make brownies…”
  • This brother-in-law is the one I have known since he was seven years old.  He can get away with all of this and it makes me like him even more.
  • I am doing that thing where you simmer the pot of water on the stove with the orange peel and the cinnamon in it.  I highly recommend this.  It smells delicious.  However, I also feel that it is misleading and when people come over later, they are going to be disappointed that they cannot eat it.
  • As a related note, I absolutely cannot spell cinnamon without the assistance of spell check.  I am really quite an abominable speller.  I am delighted that so many things come with spell check now.  I can see when something is incorrect, which is the only thing that has saved me from looking like an idiot for years, but spell check really is a wonderful invention.
  • Last night, both of our thermostats claimed that it was over 70 degrees in our house.  But it wasn’t.  It was obviously freezing.  I had to turn the thermostat to 72 to get the heat to come on.  (We normally keep it at 66 during the winter.)  It’s cold in here again, but at least the thermostat recognizes that fact.

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